Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Laptop Overheating

Laptops naturally heat up, and have ventilation that helps them cool down. But when there is a problem and the laptop overheats, this can cause many problems, and can sometimes be fatale for your laptop.

There are many things that can cause your laptop to overheat. One is that you are over using your laptop. By using your laptop intensively it can cause your hard drive and your CPU and video systems to work at high capacity. Also, doing a lot of gaming can also cause your laptop to over work and then overheat.

Other factors would be; keeping your laptop in a hot environment. If the air is super-hot, or if your laptop is by a radiator, these prevent the laptop from being able to cool down. Keep tabs on where your laptop vents are. If those stay covered then the fans aren’t able to vent out the air to help cool down. Most commonly, laptops are set on blankets and beds while being used. These don’t allow ventilation.

It is also important to make sure that your air vents aren’t filled with dust and hair. Many pet owners have hair in their houses, which in turn can end up in the vents of their laptops. So by keeping these clean, it will allow air to flow freely. Also, make sure that you only have things plugged into your USB drive that are needed there. By keeping things in there that aren’t used can put a lot of strain on the processor.
Since all computers heat up, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish whether it is actually a problem or not. One way to tell if you have a problem is if your laptop shuts down by its self. This happens when the fail safe system kicks in, because your computer has reached a high temperature. Also, the blue screen means that you have an overheating CPU problem. You may notice that the fans seem to be making more noise than usual to try and work faster or that your laptop is scorching hot when touched. You may also have operation errors, or your laptop may just be running slower than usual. All of these are signs that your laptop may be overheating.

If you notice that you are having these problems there are steps you can take to help correct it. First is keeping your laptop on a hard cool surface. Ensure that the air can circulate all around the laptop, especially underneath to the vents. Clean the vents out, get rid of dirt, dusk, hair, etc. Only connect USB devices when you need them, and use the power saving function on your laptop. If overheating problems still seem to occur, invest in a laptop cooling stand, a gel cooling pad or a three fan cooling pad.

With these steps, your overheating laptop should be able to cool down and work for a much longer time.

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